About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of licensed Zumba and group fitness instructors. 

In the beginning (aka pre-COVID 2020), our founding members all taught at the Lancaster Family YMCA, in addition to other gyms in the area.

We quickly became friends with other local Zumba instructors, meeting up in various fundraising and training events in the Central PA area. We wanted to create a place were all of our local students could find info on our classes. Thus, TT&WP was born. 

Our Mission

To create safe, fun, and inspiring atmospheres that celebrate one another through dance and fitness.

Let’s be real. It can be intimidating walking into a gym, especially that first time you take a class. Dance in itself can feel intimidating! “My body doesn’t do that,” or “I look stupid,” or “how do all these people in the front row know everything?”

As instructors, we’ve learned how important it is to create a class setting where everyone feels welcome, safe, and free to have fun. Everyone, regardless of shape, size, color, sexuality, political party…you are WELCOME on our dance floor.

TT&WP instructors have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, and we are staunchly against cliques and language that puts others down. We strive to embrace our different styles, and celebrate each others achievements. 

Where Are Our Zumba Classes?

Our fitness classes are held in Lancaster County, PA.

We all live in different places throughout Lancaster County, and we teach at different facilities. When COVID hit, we got creative and took our classes virtual. TT&WP instructors offer a variety of classes across the county and in your own home (yay technology)!

What's with the Name?

Thick Thighs & Whoopie Pies came about as a hashtag we created while attending the Zumba Instructor Convention in 2019.

Several of our founding members bunked in a hotel room to attend the ZIN Convention in Orlando, FL. We created a hashtag across our social media so our Zumba students in PA could follow our adventures online. We wanted something unique, something that spoke to our Central PA roots…

zoom zumba class



Zumba, CENTRE'd, Adult Dance

  • Founding member of TT&WP
  • Licensed Zumba instructor since July 2014
  • Where to find her: virtual, Bright Side Opportunities Center



  • Founding member of TT&WP
  • Licensed Zumba instructor since Oct 2014
  • Where to find her: virtual, E-Town Fitness



  • Founding member of TT&WP
  • Licensed Zumba instructor since July 2013
  • Where to find her: virtual



  • Founding member of TT&WP
  • Licensed Zumba instructor since Oct 2014
  • Where to find her: virtual
theresa smiling


Zumba, MixxedfitT®, Strong Nation™, Pound, Personal Trainer

  • Founding member of TT&WP
  • Licensed Zumba instructor since July 2013
  • Where to find her: virtual, Crunch Fitness Lancaster, Bright Side Opportunities Center
belen, maria, and holly muzketeers

The MuZketeers


  • Holly, Belen, & Maria
  • Where to find them: virtual




Our Students

Instructors may lead, but we are only as great as our students. We thrive off of our students and encourage people of all shapes, genders, sizes, and abilities to dance with us. Everyone is welcome here. 


We believe in supporting our people and our community. “Thick Thighs” instructors host a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. 


Interested in hosting an event, or looking for Zumba instructors to be a part of your event? Hit us up with a message! 

Are You a Lancaster Zumba or Group Fitness Instructor?

We want to support our fellow Zumba and group fitness instructors! If you’re interested in chatting with us, whether it’s about co-hosting an event, getting listed on TT&WP, or simply just chatting about teaching in Central PA, contact us. We’ve truly learned the benefit of having a team and support network. We’d love to hear from you!

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